Internal Combustion Engine Technologies

Reduce criteria emissions, reduced fuel consumption and increased power output

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    In a world where positive environmental action is a priority, Speed of Air introduces…

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    The internal combustion engine has been in continuous state of evolution for more than 100 years. Manufacturers and engineers…


What is Speed of Air?

For more than 100 years, engineers around the world have been working around the clock to improve the internal combustion engine. Speed of Air goes beyond testing. Our team is changing the internal combustion engine as you know it.

Speed of Air Global Technologies is a research and development company specializing in the improvement of internal combustion engine emissions control and efficiency by targeting three main areas of critical importance:  reduced criteria emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved power output.

By improving the manner in which an engine burns its air/fuel mixture during the combustion process, these three areas are addressed in a synergistic manner to improve the entire combustion process.  This results in improved internal combustion engine emissions control, and a better performing engine which is better for the environment.

When the combustion process becomes more efficient, reductions in key emissions are realized. This means HC (unburned fuel) is not wasted, but consumed during the process to produce power.  When HC is reduced in the exhaust, less carbon builds up on the internal parts. By having less carbon buildup on the piston and combustion chamber, the components last longer and the engine will stay tuned longer. A clean burning engine results in:

  • Cleaner air through internal combustion engine emissions control
  • Cost savings through decreased fuel consumption
  • Increased engine power output through more efficient use the same amount of fuel