Clean Combustion Technologies

Reduce criteria emissions, reduce fuel consumption and increase power output

  • Clean


    Our unique technology reduces criteria emissions, which is a result of a cleaner burning engine…..

  • Efficient


    Our patented technology improves combustion efficiency of all internal combustion engines…

  • Powerful


    Speed of Air’s advancements in technology produces more power for engines…


What is Speed of Air?

Speed of Air Global Technologies is a Reno based company specializing in the improvement of internal combustion engine technology. We do so by targeting three main areas of critical importance: emissions, fuel consumption and power output. We have commercialized our technology for internal combustion engines in the following categories:

  • Passenger cars and trucks –gasoline fuel
  • Passenger cars and trucks –diesel fuel
  • Passenger cars and trucks –biofuel
  • On Road commercial trucks
  • Mining and Agriculture engines
  • Large stationary engines
  • Marine and ship engines
  • Locomotives
  • Motorcycle
  • Small Engines