Internal Combustion Engine Technologies

Reduce criteria emissions, reduced fuel consumption and increased power output

  • Clean


    In a world where positive environmental action is a priority, Speed of Air introduces…

  • Efficient


    Fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. With gasoline prices…

  • Powerful


    The internal combustion engine has been in continuous state of evolution for more than 100 years. Manufacturers and engineers…


What is Speed of Air?

Speed of Air Global Technologies is a Reno based company specializing in the improvement of internal combustion engine technology. We do so by targeting three main areas of critical importance: emissions, fuel consumption and power output. We have commercialized our technology for internal combustion engines in the following categories:

  • Passenger cars and trucks –gasoline fueled
  • Passenger cars and trucks –diesel fueled
  • Passenger cars and trucks –biofueled
  • On Road commercial trucks
  • Mining and Agriculture engines
  • Large stationary engines
  • Marine and ship engines